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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - September 21, 1999

Vail Logging Road Violates Clean Water Act

Vail Resorts has been cited by the Environmental Protection Agency for
violating the Clean Water Act by building a road across a sensitive wetland
on Colorado's White River National Forest, says Colorado Wild!   The road is
to haul timber away from the controversial Category III ski expansion which
harms lynx habitat that also provides a critical corridor between high
country Wilderness Areas.  Go to or logveil.jpg to see
photos of the expansion in progress.  A slide presentation by Colorado Wild!
to citizens of Veil revealed that the ski expansion is being built to sell
houses on adjacent private land.  Vail tried to keep the nearby housing
development a secret to avoid a cumulative impact analysis, but their own
annual report indicates that real estate development is the primary reason
for the Category III expansion. 

. . . The Forest Service should stop approving ski expansions driven solely
by the ski industry's desire to sell condominiums and second homes.  Due to
the large number of ski expansions being proposed in Colorado and other
western states, a nationwide cumulative impact analysis should examine the
exploding development of private lands next to ski resorts.  Contact Mark
Detsky of Colorado Wild! at 970/547-9502 or mailto:mdetsky at for
more information about ski expansions in Colorado.

Deep Disappointment With Northwest Plan: In a recent letter to President
Clinton, conservation groups expressed "deep disappointment over your
Administration's stewardship of the federal forests of the Pacific Northwest
and Northwest California."   The Forest Service's failure to comply with the
wildlife survey requirements of the Northwest Forest Plan is only one threat
to the Ancient Forests, says the letter.  The exclusion of Northwest
roadless areas from the current moratorium on road construction in roadless
areas, land exchanges that consign old growth to immediate liquidation, and
Habitat Conservation Plans for private landowners that fail to provide
stream and habitat protection sufficient for species at risk all threaten
the Ancient Forest ecosystem.  The letter calls on the President to ban
logging and roadbuilding in Ancient Forests and roadless areas, to redirect
timber subsidies towards worker retraining and restoration, and for a
moratoriums on all new land exchanges and Habitat Conservation Plans until
deficiencies are corrected.  For a copy of the letter please go to or contact Andy Ryan at mailto:andy at

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