Loggers to sue Forest Service, enviromentalists

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> Loggers to sue Forest Service, enviromentalists
>  Marshall Helmberger- Ely Timberjay
>  The suit alleges that both environmental organizations are seeking to
> impose the religious doctrine of "deep ecology" on the Forest Service, a
> philosophy the suit claims is akin to Native American religions, which
> place nature at the center of creation. "It is a religion similar in
> many beliefs to the neo-pagan religions of Druid practices, Wicca and
> Gaia worship," states Young's brief.
I understand what Young is saying. Proving it is something quite
>  An attorney for SWAN called the case "totally lacking in merit" saying
> it barely justified comment.
>  "I'm not aware of any legal authority that would support an action
> against a non-sectarian, non-profit group that seeks to impinge on their
> First Amendment rights," said attorney Ernest Grumbles, with the
> Oppenheimer Law Firm, in Minneapolis. "It's simply a publicity stunt,
> one I consider an abuse of the court system."
I tend to agree.
>  Forest Service spokesperson Barb Soderberg said she was unfamiliar with
> the lawsuit and had no comment.
Might have no comment anyway: too concerned about job security. When the
logging industry starts coming up with ways to truly grow trees (i.e.
cultivating mycorrhizal fungi), such frivolous lawsuits on _both_ sides
should suddenly cease. But until then...

Daniel B. Wheeler

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