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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - September 29, 1999

Forest Service Proposes to Limit Abuse of White River National Forest 

The Forest Service is proposing to revise its management plan to mitigate
the impacts of recreation on the White River National Forest, writes the
Denver Rocky Mountain News.  Service officials say that it isn't the number
of visitors to the forest (8.4 million in 1997) that is the problem, but the
increasing number of people who go off established roads and trails.  The
forest is preparing a twenty year management plan that will be adopted next
year that seeks to restrict hikers, bikers and other vehicles to marked
trails; hold ski area expansions to the size of their current permits; and
reduce the number of acres available to snowmobilers.   

. . . It is overdue but appreciated that the White River National Forest is
now recognizing the problem of excessive recreational developments and the
impacts of off road vehicles.  However, the Forest Service is also proposing
more "forest health" logging in the new Forest Plan.  For more information
about the White River Forest Plan Revision, please contact Mark Detsky,
Colorado Wild! at 970/547-9502 or mailto:mdetsky at

Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Boise Forest Logging: The Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals has halted 29.2 million board-feet of timber sales on Idaho's Boise
National Forest according to a release from Idaho Sporting Congress (ISC).
Logging will not occur before the 9th Circuit hears the ISC appeal of the
Idaho District Court ruling that allowed the sales to proceed. The appeal
charges the Forest Service with failing to protect old-growth forests and
their dependent sensitive wildlife species on the Boise.  Ron Mitchell,
executive director of ISC said the 9th Circuit decision "gives hope to the
public, hunters and anglers that piecemeal destruction of their children's
outdoor heritage of public forests may soon end in Idaho."  Contact Ron
Mitchell of ISC at 208/336-7222.

California's Governor Pledges to End Old-Growth Logging: Gov. Gray Davis
made a promise in March of 1998 that California activists are now asking him
to follow through on.  In an address to the Planning and Conservation League
Foundation then candidate Davis pledged to ensure that "wetlands are
preserved, rivers are clean and all old-growth trees are spared from the
lumber jack's ax," reported the 3/15/98 Times Standard of Eureka, CA.
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) is encouraging activists
to send letters and calls to Gov. Davis asking him to keep his promise.
Contact Susan Maloney at EPIC for more information at
mailto:epic at or by calling 707/923- 2931.  Send letters
to: Governor Gray Davis, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Charlotte Observer Honors N. Carolina Environmentalists:  The editors of the
Charlotte Observer honored a number of activists who are "working, in ways
large and small, to preserve our precious natural heritage. We hope their
vision and commitment will inspire others to look at the world around us
with a focus that extends beyond immediate pleasure and profit — indeed,
beyond our own brief lifetimes." To see the full text of the September 25
article go to

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