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	The May, 2000 truffle forage will be held at Paul Bishop's Jones
Creek Tree Farm at Beavercreek, Oregon. This site is the first
inoculation of native truffles in the United States that has been
documented. We anticipate collections of many forms of epigeous fungi,
which could include: Martellia, Rhizopogon, Melanogaster, Geopora,
Genea, Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum, as well as some cultivated
mushrooms which have been inoculated on the site. In the past 20 years
collections of more than 63 truffle species have been found on the site,
including the first-ever mature sporocarp of Melanogaster natsii.
	Meet at benton Center, 635 NW 7th, Corvallis, OR to car pool. Or
meet at Paul bishop's at 10:30 AM.
	To reach Bishop's Tree Farm from the south, travel north of Hwy.
213. About 4-5 miles north of Mulino, OR., just past Kirk Road, look for
the NATS signs to the driveway. Turn right down the drie and follow it
to the house.
	For those coming from the north, travel south on Hwy 213. About 4-5
miles from Oregon City, go past Leland Road junction for 1/3 mile. Look
for the NATS signs to the driveway, turn left and proceed to the house.
	Dress for the weater, bring a lunch and truffling gear. Paul will
have a warm fire for us and a pot of hot coffee going.
	For more information, contact Matt Trappe, 541-758-6104.

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