Misinformation on Certification

HubCap arne at nospam.snowcrest.net
Tue Apr 4 23:52:49 EST 2000

I think it depends on who you're certifying with....such as "what's
acceptable to the folks you want to please by being certified".
There are several reveiwers that work for the certifying organizations.
It doesn't have anything to do with the state.
Karl Davies <karl at daviesand.com> wrote in message
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>Here's a bit of well-meaning misinformation on certification from Grist
>Magazine.  The problem lies in the assumption that the "certification"
>programs for the different states are the same.  THEY'RE NOT.
>Massachusetts state forests are "certified" under the American Forest &
>Paper Association's Sustainable Forest Initiative program, which is not
>a real certification program, but essentially an industry green-wash
>program.  New York state forests are certified under the Forest
>Stewardship Council's SmartWood program, a real third-party
>certification program.  I'm not sure about the other states.  I think
>Minnesota is under SmartWood and Pennsylvania is under SFI.
>Joe Zorzin has a whole web page on this subject.  Perhaps he'll put the
>url for that page into a follow-up message.
>Consumer demand in Washington state for eco-friendly lumber is
>surpassing supply, even as a growing number of wood products firms turn
>to harvesting and selling timber from sustainably managed forests.  The
>state Department of Natural Resources just announced that it would like
>to have as much as 1.1 million acres of state forestland certified as
>sustainably managed under the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship
>Council, an international certification group.  Home Depot has
>approached the DNR seeking certified wood; last year, the corporation
>announced that by 2002 it will sell only lumber that has been certified
>as eco-friendly.  Millions of acres of state, county, and municipal
>lands in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin
>have already been certified as green.
>Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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