Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry

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Subject: Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - April 6, 2000

Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry

Sierra Pacific Industries, the nation's second largest private landowner,
plans to clearcut 532 acres within site of popular hiking trails and next to
the newly designated Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Yuba River in
California, reports the Sacramento Bee.  Clearcutting on Sierra Pacific
lands statewide jumped from fewer than 5,000 acres in 1995 to more than
25,000 acres in 1999, according to the California Department of Forestry
(CDF).  "We've never seen this in the Sierra on private land on this scale
before," said William Stewart of CDF.  "Clearly, they're going to fairly
difference way of doing business.  In 1995, the company only clearcut 2% of
the acres cut.  Last year, it planned to clearcut 88% of 9,733 acres covered
under timber harvest plans.  Clearcuts fragment wildlife habitat, increase
erosion and degrade streams.

. . . "Sierra Pacific has a public trust responsibility they are failing to
acknowledge.  The holes they can create in the Sierra landscape are too
large for species to survive," said Craig Thomas of the Center for Sierra
Nevada Conservation.  "The water that runs through their land and the
wildlife that use their land do not belong to them.  They belong to the
people of California."  Please contact Brian Vincent, American Lands'
California organizer at mailto:wafcca at for more information.

Park Service Forging New Plan For Big Cypress Preserve:  Big Cypress
National Preserve in Florida may soon get more protections from swamp
buggies and other off-road vehicles in a court-ordered management plan, due
out in July, reports the Miami Herald.  Swamp buggies have created almost
30,000 miles of trails in the 148,000 acre Preserve, which is home to more
than 90 sensitive plant and animal species.  The buggies, which weigh over
two tons, have carved deep, muddy ruts into vast areas of prairie.  Wetlands
experts from the University of Miami say the damage will take decades, maybe
even centuries, to heal.  The Park Service's new plan is the result of a
settlement from a 1994 lawsuit by the Florida Biodiversity Project.  For
more information contact Brian Scherf: (954) 922-5828,
mailto:rscherf350 at 

Mountain Refuge Taking Fellowship Applications:  Are you suffering from
activist burn-out?  Vallecitos Mountain Refuge awards fellowships to public
interest leaders for two week sabbaticals at the Vallecitos ranch in the
Carson National Forest of New Mexico.  The fellowship pays all costs of a
two week sabbatical, including travel.  To qualify you must have at least
five years of experience in public interest work and a demonstrated capacity
for leadership.  Fellowship Dates:  June 2-16, June 16-28, and July 16-28.
Write for an application form:  PO Box 1507, Taos, NM 87571,
mailto:refuge at, or apply on-line: 

"Religion and the Forests" Magazine Released:  The Religious Campaign for
Forest Conservation has just released the inaugural issue of "Religion and
the Forests."  The publication declares that Christianity and Judaism stand
united in advocating conservation for our public forests.  Copies of the
magazine are available for $4.  Contact the magazine at:  (707) 573-3162;
409 Mendocino Ave, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.  

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