Ban on Special Forest Products?

Wilywood wilywood at
Thu Apr 13 14:11:21 EST 2000

I am glad that you made a distinction between the lawsuit and section 339 on
forest botanicals.  However I am bothered that you would then turn around and
editorialize the provisions in the new act on the resolution on forest
botanicals. No where in the language of the bill is mentioned "stiff fees." 
This may be true for some permitted collection and not true for others.  This
still remains to be seen since the CFRs have not been released yet. In reality
some of the permitting fees are already stiff, and may have to be reduced to
meet the Fair market value requirement.  In other cases the fee may be raised. 
In both cases there might even be a provision stipulating no-fee non-commercial
collection.  There is a lot of room for interpretation in the language of this

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