Real deal on EPA Rules.

mike peterson petersNOpeSPAM at
Fri Apr 14 14:39:28 EST 2000

EPA has been contending all along that only specific regions are
concerned with the new TMDL proposal.  This will have a drastic
effect on all regions.  WI, MN, MI are all fighting this also.
Wisconsin has a voluntary Best Mangement Practices program with a
"bad actor" clause.  The last audit of the BMP program showed 90%
compliance with BMPs which are at least, if not more,
comprehensive than the proposed EPA rule.  EPA is refusing to
ackowledge the work the Great Lakes States have done to protect
water quality.

The latest information is that the TMDL rule will not apply to
diffuse "sheet" runoff from silvicultural operations.  So what
will it apply to?  It seems as if the whole rule will target
culverts, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  If an
intensive permit process is required to place a culvert, many
will choose not to use them at all.

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