Lewis and Clark National Historical Monument Proposed

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Subject: Lewis and Clark National Historical Monument Proposed

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - April 14, 2000

Lewis and Clark National Historical Monument Proposed

Conservation groups announced today a campaign to designate contiguous parts
of the Clearwater, Lolo and Idaho Panhandle National Forests as the Lewis
and Clark National Historical Monument and Preserve, in commemoration of the
historic journey undertaken by the Corps of Discovery nearly 200 years ago.
Most of the trail followed by Lewis and Clark in this area looks much the
same as it did then - one of only two sections of the entire trail from St.
Louis, MO to the Pacific coast that can claim this.  Much of the area would
be protected, but restoration areas are being proposed within the Monument
to fix problems caused by massive clearcuts and poor roads.  

. . . "We're interested in preserving a landscape, all the creatures it
supports," said Chuck Pezeshki of the Clearwater Biodiversity Project.  "We
want our Monument to support the entire Lewis and Clark experience that
includes native trout, elk, wolves and bears."  For more information contact
the Idaho Conservation League at 208/882-1010 or

Alabama Sturgeon Lawsuit Announced:  Wild Alabama, Biodiversity Legal
Foundation (BLF), and Edward W. Mudd Jr., filed suit on March 27 against
Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt, the United States Fish and Wildlife
Service (FWS) and the Department of Interior for their failure to list the
Alabama Sturgeon as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act
(ESA).  The FWS stated it would not a make a final decision on the proposal
to list the Alabama Sturgeon as endangered because it wanted more time to
read comments on the proposal but a decision on a listing proposal cannot
legally be delayed for this reason.  "Alabama has more species of fish than
any other state in the nation, yet as this decision by Secretary Babbitt
shows, our wildlife and water resource heritages are held hostage to the
whims of big polluters who want everything for themselves," said Ray Vaughn,
attorney for the BLF, Wild Alabama and Mr. Mudd.  "The Alabama Sturgeon is
the rarest unprotected fish in North America, and if we cannot protect it,
what can we protect?"  For more  information contact mailto:Wildlaw at aol.com

Missouri Chip Mill Moratorium: Recently Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon
asked the Clean Water Commission to ban any new chip mills from opening in
Missouri during the next two years.  Nixon argued "we shouldn't take a risk
with the environment.  There should be no new permits until tougher rules
can be established."  The request comes as a chip mill is suing the
commission over new permit regulations and while a governor's advisory
committee struggles to develop recommendations.  The proposal has won great
praise from the environmental community.  "We're very supportive of this,"
said Ken Midkiff, president of the Sierra Club's Ozark chapter.  "It gives
the state time to consider the problems chip mills could bring and to impose
regulations that could help protect Missouri's water and land."  For more
information contact mailto:vafw at mounet.com

Kids for Sale: Taking a Stand Against Advertising in Our Schools, a report
recently released by The Center For Commercial-Free Public Education, takes
a hard look at the effect corporate advertising in public schools in having
on students and what can be done about it.  For more information contact the
Center for Commercial-Free Public Education at 1/800/867/5841 or
mailto:unplug at igc.org

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