Ferrous sulfate question

Mike the Tree Doctor mlamana at bestweb.net
Sat Apr 15 17:59:58 EST 2000


Thanks for the rely....is a water pH of 7.8-8.0 alkaline enough to cause
such a precipitate?


Mike the Tree Doctor
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> Doctor <mlamana at bestweb.net> writes
> >Anyone with any experience with this material? Any ideas on whether the
> >acidification gotten from the sulfate will be had at the expense of an
> >extreme accumulation of iron??
> I have no info on the nutritional position but note that in mildly
> alkaline situations FeSO4 produces a rather thick gelatinous gel of
> Fe(OH)2 that has a propensity for bunging up pipes and orifices. Your
> dilution may be so low that this doesn't happen or isn't a problem, I
> can't say.
> --
> Oz

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