Ferrous sulfate question

Oz Oz at upthorpe.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 16 00:40:27 EST 2000

In article <38f936ee.21021281 at news.paralynx.com>, Dennis G.
<dennis_goos at mindlink.net> writes

>A solution of water ? IIRC, iron sulphate is difficult to dissolve in water.

About 15kg/100 lit water at 0C and 52 kg/100 lit @ 55C.

I don't remember any particular difficulty but we had excellent

>I will apply ferrous sulphate to my lawn at the highest concentration I can
>achieve with hot water as soon as I can see 24 hours of rain free weather ahead
>to help remove the moss from my  lawn.

Oh, I rather like a bit of moss in my lawn ...

>Iron shortage is a chronic problem due to  the winter rainfalls of the Pacific

That's interesting. Here it's high pH lockup. 
I rather assumed your soils were acid but the water pH suggests


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