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Tue Apr 18 09:46:07 EST 2000

   START DATE: 1-2 weeks
      COMPANY: NAC Geographic Products inc.
     LOCATION: Every Zip Code Area

 REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must possess a notebook computer, Internet access 
               and winning personality and should have some previous 
               sales experience. Candidates should also be familiar with our 
               products especially NACMAP Version 3.0 which is available at:

                              and have a good knowledge of Geographic Information System (GIS).

   SALARY LOW: $1000.00/wk
  SALARY HIGH: $4000.00/wk
  SALARY TYPE: Commission only
POSITION TYPE: Full Time (but may vary between 4-8 hours a day)
         PROS: High commission rate, make your own schedule, very 
               easy selling, no payroll deductions, no bosses 
               looking over your shoulder, all daily visits are in 
               the same zip code area.

NAC Geographic Products Inc. is a world leading innovative software development company in GIS, CAD, Graphics and Multimedia. Its products include NACGIS, NACDraw, NACMAP, NACDatum, NACView, NACNav, and many other software and digital data sets. NAC Geographic Products Inc. is going to expand its market in all areas in the United States. Therefore, we are recruiting many sales representatives all over the United States. 

The representative's main job will be to approach and introduce NACMAP Version 3.0 to potential clients in the area to sell the licenses of NACMAP Version 3.0 independently. You will make your own schedule, work on your own time, when it will be most convenient for you. Our representatives receive a great commission rate due to the fact that they are our major revenue generators. Much of our success is thanks to our representatives, and now we want to add more of you to our team.

Candidates should apply through one of the following means:

E-MAIL: nac at
FAX: 416-496-6110

Contact: Xinhang Shen

**We are an equal opportunity employer. All candidates will be seriously considered for employment regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation or handicap.**

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