Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry

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Yeah, but the total acres  under operation has dropped by 2/3. (Didn't they mention that?)
It's not how I'd run my land but they've been successfully restocking their land for at least 20 years, and no it doesn't turn out to be any more monoculture than the surrounding forests after about 20 years.  There's places on the coast that have been clearcut 3 times already.
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>Subject: Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry
>LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - April 6, 2000
>Increased Sierra Pacific Clearcutting Prompts Public Outcry
>Sierra Pacific Industries, the nation's second largest private landowner,
>plans to clearcut 532 acres within site of popular hiking trails and next to
>the newly designated Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Yuba River in
>California, reports the Sacramento Bee.  Clearcutting on Sierra Pacific
>lands statewide jumped from fewer than 5,000 acres in 1995 to more than
>25,000 acres in 1999, according to the California Department of Forestry
>(CDF).  "We've never seen this in the Sierra on private land on this scale
>before," said William Stewart of CDF.  "Clearly, they're going to fairly
>difference way of doing business.  In 1995, the company only clearcut 2% of
>the acres cut.  Last year, it planned to clearcut 88% of 9,733 acres covered
>under timber harvest plans.  Clearcuts fragment wildlife habitat, increase
>erosion and degrade streams.
>. . . "Sierra Pacific has a public trust responsibility they are failing to
>acknowledge.  The holes they can create in the Sierra landscape are too
>large for species to survive," said Craig Thomas of the Center for Sierra
>Nevada Conservation.  "The water that runs through their land and the
>wildlife that use their land do not belong to them.  They belong to the
>people of California."  Please contact Brian Vincent, American Lands'
>California organizer at mailto:wafcca at for more information.
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