pre-historic plants

arron kcchin at
Thu Apr 20 07:17:05 EST 2000

Bob Weber wrote:
> I am currently writing a news article on pre-historic  plants.  These
> are plants that pre-date history, but are still thriving today.
> Examples, of course, on the cycads and dawn redwood. I need more,
> especially plants with an interesting history that would appeal to
> children.
> Plants the dinosaurs ate, of course, would be most intriguing.   Let me
> know at
I would have thought all plants living today except Helium Plants are
prehistoric under your defination. If prehistoric meant 'before/during' Dino,
then I would volunteer Ginko...a most interesting plant. (Ginko biloba)
Read somewhere that it could be pollen grains of flowering plants (as they
evolve) that poison off the bulk of the Dinos, should that be the case, then we
can write off all flowering plants as being pre-Dino. Of course, all algae,
mosses, ferns, fern trees should be there in pre-Dino.

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