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On Thu, 20 Apr 2000 04:23:34 GMT, Bob Weber <bobweber at> wrote:

>I am currently writing a news article on pre-historic  plants.  These
>are plants that pre-date history, but are still thriving today.
How about...
Acer (e.g. integerrimum = subpictum) (tree)
Cercidophyllum crenatum
Daphnogene (recent: Cinnamomum) (tree, shrub)
Glyptostrobus (tree)
Liquidambar  (tree)
Osmunda (fern)
Platanus (tree)
Perocarya (shrub)
Sequoia (tree)
Taxodium (tree)
Ulmus (tree, shrub)
Zelkova (tree, shrub)

Some of these plants are "living fossils", but there are also very
strange plants like Welwitschia mirabilis (only distributed in the
Namib desert)...

Best regards

What do you mean, prehistoric??  Before recorded history or prior to 8000 years
ago?  I'm afraid you'd be writing an encyclopedia.

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