Ferrous sulfate question

David Ross rossde at acm.org
Fri Apr 21 17:06:23 EST 2000

Mike the Tree Doctor wrote:
> Folks:
> I am thinking of adding powdered ferrous sulfate to a fertilization solution
> I am devising for a commercial nursery feeding-operation.
> Anyone with any experience with this material? Any ideas on whether the
> acidification gotten from the sulfate will be had at the expense of an
> extreme accumulation of iron??

I see two things wrong with this question.  

You are asking for free information so that you can then use our
help for making money.  Where is our share of the profits?  Why do
you think we should respond and thereby deprive a professional of
his livelyhood?  

Not knowing the professional qualifications of those who respond,
you are risking your business on possibly inaccurate or incomplete
information.  If you paid a professional for this and he gave you
wrong information, you could hold him liable for the
consequences.  You can't hold anyone on this newsgroup

Aha!  Put those two concerns together, and you are likely to get
what you deserve.  

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