Ferrous sulfate question

Oz Oz at upthorpe.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 21 19:27:29 EST 2000

In article <3900D0DD.F90FFDD1 at acm.org>, David Ross <rossde at acm.org>

>You are asking for free information so that you can then use our
>help for making money.  

He is.

>Where is our share of the profits?  

Not everyone is moneygrasping and farmers worldwide have exchanged
ideas, knowledge and information. Shockingly for free.

>Why do
>you think we should respond and thereby deprive a professional of
>his livelyhood? 

Because many farmers are more interested in other farmer's information
than those from a professional, who probably got the information from a
farmer for free anyway.


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