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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - April 24, 2000

On the 30th Earth Day - Condition Critical

"What will it take for us to get serious about saving our environment?" asks
the April-May 2000 issue of Time Magazine in an article that offers a sneak
preview of a sobering new United Nations report on the state of the planet.
The report, "A Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems" provides assessments of
five major types of ecosystems, forests, freshwater systems, coastal/marine
habitats, grasslands and agricultural lands — and reveals that all five are
showing signs of deterioration.  The $4 million report, to be released next
year, will be followed by the $20 million Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, a
full scale assessment of all the world's ecosystems.  "Halting the decline
of the planet's life-support systems may be the most difficult challenge
humanity has ever faced," the report concludes.

. . . Indeed, but in meeting that challenge we can create a civilization
that lives in harmony with nature and a better society that is not based on
exploitation.  One solution the report proposes is for the world's
governments to eliminate the $700 billion in annual subsidies that spur
ecosystem destruction.  In the US, we continue to subsidize logging, grazing
and mining on the public lands, harming forests, grasslands and aquatic
ecosystems.  These subsidies should end, and Congress and the Clinton
Administration should support cutting funding for these harmful resource
extraction programs.

Roads Policy Sign-On Letter: Pacific Rivers Council, The Wilderness Society
and Defenders of Wildlife are circulating a formal comment letter on the
National Forest road policy.  See
http://www.americanlands.org/forestweb/roadscom.htm for a copy.  Co-signers
of this letter may submit additional comments under separate cover.  The
letter is limited to organizations, but individuals are welcome to use this
letter to submit your own comments.  To sign-on, please send your name,
position and organization to mailto:karen at pacrivers.org by Friday, April 28.
The comment deadline is May 2.  For additional information see

New Mexico Wilderness Workshop May 20: Come to this all day workshop and
evening slideshow to learn about wilderness protection, activist skills
(grassroots organizing, mapping, field work), and meet New Mexico Wilderness
leaders.  Special guests include Dave Foreman of the Wildlands Project.  For
more information: (505) 843-8696; mailto:nmwa at earthlink.net 

Forest Guardians Conference, June 9-11: Tour Ted Turner's spectacular Ladder
Ranch at Forest Guardians' Membership Conference in Kingston, New Mexico.
Hikes, inspiring speakers, and more.  Call Randy Weissbarth at (505)
988-9126x150 for more information.

Protecting Mother Earth Conference June 14-17: The Indigenous Environmental
Network and Casa de Colores invite all Indigenous Peoples and environmental
program staff to the 11th annual Protecting Mother Earth Conference,
"Reclaiming our Sacred Waters: Purification, Healing, and Re-affirming a Way
of Life" in Brownsville, Texas.  The focus of the conference is on water
quality, border justice, global warming, and the effects of globalization
and development on Native communities.  For more information call the IEN
National Office at 877/436-2121.

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