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This one's too good not to pass along. <G>  It came to me via the
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MOSCOW 4/21/00

Intrepid Moscow activists became a thorn in Idaho Senator Larry Craig's
side today when he came to the University of Idaho to speak on natural
resource issues for the Borah Symposium.

Several minutes after he took to the stage in the food court of the new
Idaho Commons, strange things started happening.  First, a large banner
tumbled off the side of one of the many balconies overlooking the
court.  The banner stated, "LARRY CRAIG = TIMBER PUPPET".

Then, even more shockingly, a life-size marionette, made of a stuffed
shirt, fists clenching money, and a shocking triangular head made of
three cardboard-mounted photos of Larry's likeness, came tumbling off
the balcony!  The marionette hung from long strings attached to a stick
and the operators made the arms and head move at will by jerking the

Each Larry Craig face on the puppet had been photo-engineered such that
Larry's classic grin had been flipped into a nasty snarl, and each
forehead was complete with a different timber corporation logo which
donates to Larry's campaigns: Boise Cascade, Potlatch, and Bennett

Another huge banner tumbled off yet another balcony: this one a classy
vinyl job stating "Idaho's Roadless Backcountry: An American Legacy, a
Gift for the Future".

Larry's eyes were seen to pop as he caught glimpse of his likeness on
the puppet, but he tried his best to keep his cool throughout his speech
in which he blasted the environmental extremists which were ruining the
west and the undemocratic nature of the roadless protection initiative.

Shortly after the banner and marionette unfurlings, the same doctored
Larry photos-- this time mounted on sticks--started popping up in the
audience. Approximately a dozen of the likenesses -- some foreheads
containing corporate logos, some containing slogans like "Extract" and
"I hate trees"-- bobbed up and down during his speech including one in
the front row.

He did get an unexpected round of applause when he announced, in a voice
filled with scorn, that Clinton had designated more national monuments
than any other president, for a combined size of the state of Delaware.
Spontaneous, prolonged applause erupted following this statement.

A question and answer period followed the speech.  The same crowd of
troublemakers appeared to dominate the question period, asking Larry
such questions as "Please explain the democratic process of the Salvage
Rider"; "Why don't you support roadless protection when the majority of
constituents support it";  "Do you support the effort to protect our
remaining wild Lewis and Clark trail region through the Lewis and Clark
National Monument"; and a pointed accusation that HE was the real
extremist by consistently favoring extractive industries and he was
misleading the public by portraying himself as a moderate

The only police interest came when an officer asked a puppeteer, "Is the
puppet heavy?"  When the answer was no, he appeared satisfied and left.
Following the speech, a suited Borah symposium official came up and
thanked the protesters for making it such a lively debate!

Craig has received thousands of dollars in PAC contributions from the
timber industry.  He consistently receives 0% ratings from the League of
Conservation Voters.  His environmental record since taking office
demonstrates his support for continued logging subsidies,  increased
road construction, decreased environmental regulation, and less
protection for endangered species.

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