Fungi fd. 4/29/2000 at Clackamas County, OR Tree Farm

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Sat Apr 29 19:28:02 EST 2000

Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum
Barssia oregonensis
Boletus zelleri
Hebeloma sps.
Inocybe or Entoloma sps.

The first two of these species are of some economic importance in Oregon
tree farms of Douglas fir, and apparently assist the trees rapid growth.
After 20 years, most of the trees here are 40-60 feet tall, and already
could be harvested for some of the new mills specializing in smaller-
diameter trees. Many of them have been basal pruned to a height of 15
feet, and a week ago the land-owner ran a small-width disc through the
stand to break up pruned limbs and incorporate them with the soil to aid
degradation and decrease fire danger.

While morels have been inoculated on the site, I have yet to see any
Morchella production here. Several other failed fungal inoculations have
taken place: Grifola frondosa on cottonwood logs (buried); Laetiporus
sulphureus on standing 4' stumps of Douglas fir; and Leucangium (=Picoa)
carthusiana. I now believe that Leucangium has specific soil
requirements for its cultivation which this site does not meet, and do
not anticipate any production. (I have yet to collect L.c. here, even
after nearly 15 years of collecting during nearly all months of the

Daniel B. Wheeler

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