Greenland glaciers present threat if Earth warms up, scientist says

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On the orginal issue of units--I'm fairly certain that it's 2 degrees
celsius because 1- i remember hearing that same fact elsewhere, 2- the
initial change in sealevel is given in meters, and metric usually goes
w/ celsius 3- nearly all scientific temperature measurements are
published in celsius.

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>For proof positive that sea level has not risen in 150+ years, see
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>>From The Oregonian, April 19, 2000, pA17
>>Greenland glaciers present threat if Earth warms up, scientist says
>> Scientist who have been watching the West Antarctic ice sheet for
>>signs of melting say the bigger threat comes from glaciers in Greenland.
>> Curt Cuffey, a geographer at the University of California at
>>Berkeley, said that Greenland's glaciers are more likely to melt with
>>dire consequences as the Earth warms up. "If nothing is done to
>>stabilize our climate, the sea levels rise as much as 6 meters (20
>>feet), you'll flood the southern half of Florida, the southern half of
>>Louisiana," Cuffey said. "A 2-degree global warming doesn't sound like
>>much, but you have to realize the consequences can be really quite
><rest of the article snipped>
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