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Dear Jim and Tony

Indigenous Forestry attitudes beliefs & perception

Are you or your organisation only interested in indigenous forest perception
predicated on  "received wisdom"  or "secondary ethnocentrism" or do you want
to understand local stake-holders views of  forestry landscapes and any
proposed changes (such as re-forestation, conservation, ecotourism) from
their perception ?

I have considerable experience of working in forestry among high Asias
animistic shamanistic peoples [Please see my CV on my web site] , and am part
way through a part-time PhD [for which I have partial funding] on :-
Sustainable Knowledge Systems & Resource Stewardship: In search of
ethno-forestry paradigms for the indigenous Khamba people of the Eastern
Tibetan Plateau. To date I have completed some background material and
conducted some research in SW China (E. Kham), mostly in the context of
baseline or feasibility studies.

I am trying to kill two birds with one stone and secure a short-term
assignment/intern/contract, as a means of addressing and partially funding
PhD field work. The research data would have application for local forest
stake-holders, for projects working with local stake-holders, and for some
global extrapolation.

I am mostly interested in opportunities to work/conduct research in countries
that include or are close to ethnic Tibetan peoples (namely China, Nepal,
Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh, Zanskar), but am willing to consider other locations
and/or people groups. In the latter  case I could expand my focus or compare
another people groups with the Khamba Tibetans.

To date my field work has included :- PLA (PRA) to gather information on
indigenous knowledge cognitive mapping (using multidimensional scaling) for
attitudes and beliefs towards forest landscapes. GIS/GPS to record, plot, and
analyse bio-physical and indigenous data

I discovered, for example  , using MDS a very close proximity between Tibetan
folk belief (mi chos)-forest conservation, that appeared to be more dynamic
than Buddhism-forest conservation, but for starters I need to compare and
contrast the three Tibetan religious belief systems and all types of forest
(possibly on the basis of Umans four forest paradigms or Stevens Sherpa
forest types)

Ideally I am looking for an opportunity to spend say 9-12 months over say 3
years in a location, that would allow me to address my field research and
provide at least my living and travel expenses.

Do you/your organisation know of any opportunities, or sources of funds that
would allow me to achieve my objectives

Yours Sincerely

John Studley
Rural Development & Ethno-Forester
PhD (candidate) MA OND DipCCS PGCertS&CF FRGS
46 Sarsfeld Road
SW12 8HN
0208  672 0456
ONLY Answer phone/fax 0208 767 2372
efax 0870 130 5185
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