BLM and US Forest Service should be fired! Worst fire season ever!

ufo muse alienlunch at
Wed Aug 9 23:02:08 EST 2000

Over the years , last twenty.  I have seen the us forest service and the
BLM do nothing but the stupidist "managment practices"  ...foremost
preventing grazing on public lands...removal of ferral horses, cows
sheep etc....shutting off loging roads which are also fire access and
fire breaks.....letting brush grow out of control because of an ideology
of naturalism...and pervention of clear cutting in areas where it really
is warrented.  Worst of all setting fires and allowing burns.  This is
only the beginning of the disaster.  People who are concerned about smog
over LA dont seem to see the severe pollution from these hydrocarbon
confligrations....the same nuts that tell us that automobiles are
causing earth warming discount the smoke from these ubiquitous forest
fires.     Grazing and harvesting of underbrush are much better ideas.
In other countrys such as Sweden forests are not allowed to grow over
100 years old without cutting....there is some reason for
this...apparently the swedes have about 500 years more forest mangagment
experience that we do...maybe they know a little more...?

Protecting resources?    Allowing multiple uses and economic values to
result?  This is not the kind of mangment we are getting.   These guys
would burn rome down to the ground like nero if they were city planners

American farmers and ranchers are constantly accused of ruining the
environement and not being good stewards of the land ...but we have
almost no history of private stewardship with this level of unchecked
destruction.   Its not natural , its not logical and its commendable.
Its time to fire the jerks who allowed this to happen....they would be
better for all of us helping us have it flame broiled our way at burger
king...because they really lack any understanding of what land managment
is all about.

Your Vote for the Bush administration at least will work to replace the
most destructive department heads of both the blm and the usda.   And if
lucky and the republican vote out the public employee unions we can get
all new responsible management and services from the ground up.

PS....the Department of Energy and the EPA  are equally destructive
agencies....if not after years and billions and billions of
dollars we learn that the department of energy has no understanding of
how to contain our nuclear weapons contaminated sites....this is
incredible considering the passive energy potential in using the waste
in some economic  feasible way instead of treating it as if it has to be
burried, contained, destoryed...etc.  Again a strange ideology of pseudo
naturalism instead of we can do science engineering exists in these
agencies and is making an undesirable mess of everything.

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