Short training courses in Costa Rica

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Thu Aug 10 14:15:59 EST 2000

The Central American Institute for Biological  Research and Conservation (non-governmental, non- profit organization) Its purpose is to promote and to develop scientific research in the areas of Biology and Conservation in the Central American Isthmus. Our organization is  offering short training field courses on Biology and Conservation subjects which may  be of interest
to undergraduate and graduate students of Biology or related  fields. The courses are: 
Multivariate Methods in Biology- 2000
Starting date: Oct 22
Ending date:  Nov 5
Application Deadline: September 1
Place: Costa Rica

Field Ecology -2001

Starting: 15 April 2001
Ending: April 31, 2001
Application Deadline Jan 30, 2001

Phylogenetics (cladistic analysis)- 2001

Starting:  Jan 21, 2001
Ending:  Feb 4,  2001
Application Deadline: Nov 24, 2000

More information including courses cost, application procedures etc could be found at or email contact at academics at


Maguil Cespedes
Academic Director 
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