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Announcing: *** WaterForum *** A new e-mail discussion forum

WaterForum is a free and open forum for discussion of surface water and
groundwater resources issues; including drinking water, water
conservation, environmental chemistry, wetlands, wastewater,
irrigation, recreational use, fisheries and wildlife use, aquaculture,
coastal studies and oceanography, environmental and public health
contamination/remediation, computer modelling, climatology, hydropower,
and any other relevent water resources topics. The list is moderated by
Bannister, founder of Groundwater-Digest, currently the world's largest
groundwater discussion forum.

WaterForum seeks to broaden the discussions held on Groundwater-Digest
to include other areas of interest in the water resouces field. A broad
range of members from academia, industry, government, and the general
public, as well as wide ranging geographic diversity will provide
for an interesting and helpful forum. Your membership is valued and your
 input is welcomed.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining the over 3000
subscribers of WaterForum today!

To join, simply send a blank e-mail to

waterforum-subscribe at

or e-mail me directly at

kenbannister at with a request to join WaterForum

Best wishes and I hope to see you on the new list.

Ken Bannister
WaterForum Moderator

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