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>From The Sunday Oregonian, Aug. 20, 2000, p L19


The supplement: Shiitake (Lentinan(sic) edodes)
What are the claims? Besides being a tasty addition to many dishes,
modern research has shown that a compound in the shiiake mushroom -
lentinan - effectively battles hepatitis B and some types of cancer,
specifically recurrent stomach cancers. It also may prove to have some
effect on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, but conclusive
testing has yet to confirm this.
Background: In China and Japan, shiitake mushrooms have enjoyed a long
reputation as a remedy for exhaustion, colds, worms, poor circulation and
liver ailments. Studies done recently have shown that shiitake mushrooms
offer unique medicinal properties. They stimulate T-lymphocytes, the
body's specialized white blood cells that play a vital role in the human
body's relentless battle against invading germs. They also contain
medicinal compounds that work as antibacterial agents, as well as a
comound that appears to lower cholesterol.
Bottom line: No controindications are known, though at high doess,
shiitake mushrooms may cause diarrhea and blating. no information is
available on overdosage.
For more information: Read "Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom," by Kenneth
Jones (Inner Traditions Intl, 1994). Online, visit the Medical College of
Wisconsin's Health Link Web site at

-Don Campbell

COMMENT BY POSTER: It is unfortunate that so much misinformation is
passed along the way as fact regarding mushrooms. In this article, the
first is the scientific name: Lentinula edodes, not Lentinan edodes;
previously known as Lentinus edodes. Lentinan is one of shiitake's active
ingredients. Many compounds are known. For better information on
shiitake, see almost any book written by Dr. Andrew Weil, or check out
Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets. BTW, many other
fungi are also known immuno-activators and cancer-fighters.

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