Funding for USFS "fire-proofing"?

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> Larry, you left out a major concern of many of us.  Dumping $12 billion of
> timber on the market will again drop prices those of us who own private
> lands can get for our timber.  My main objection to the USFS is that they
> more on their timber sales than they take in from the sale revenue,
> the debt.  Then, they drop the prices I can receive for my own timber.
> picking my pockets with both hands.

And, then again, timber from burn salvage also floods the market. Yes, there
IS a problem with how sales are prepared, offered and sold. If the USFS were
to put all the costs for the timber sale into the minimum bid, sales would
go unsold and everyone would have to absorb the cost of prep. Plus, it's
hard to weigh all the benefits and impacts of a timber sale in dollars. It's
also true that USFS timber sales reduce the value of private timber but,
industry has become much less competetive in bidding on federal timber. For
projects of these types, people have to remember that a great many
"treatments" get accomplished using the monies generated from the timber
sales. A huge chunk of that $12 billion will go to "non-commercial" service
contracts in areas where timber won't pay for the treatments. Let's face it,
America, it's costing us big money each year on fire suppression so, why
don't we treat the problems and not the symptoms?

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