Maple in Trouble!

William Whatley quasho at
Mon Aug 21 20:30:57 EST 2000


At my house in Albuquerque, New Mexico (elev. 5650' amsl), I have a big
beautiful Japanese Maple in my backyard right next to our house.  It is
a great shade tree. Unfortunately, without us realizing it, the overflow

valve on our hot water heater malfunctioned and it began to dump
hundreds of gallons of very-very hot water out its drain.  This drain
led out of the house to the base of the tree (where it discharged) but
was covered in gravel so we did not know it was there.  I believe that
it was overflowing for at least ten days before I  noticed that the
leaves on the maple were beginning to die...a few at first...then many
more.  Once I saw that, I discovered the faulty valve and the drain

About 85% of the tree's leaves are now dead but a few branches continue
to hang-on with bright green leaves.  I fixed the valve and moved all
gravel away from he base to let the roots begin drying out.  It has been

10 days since I fixed the valve nd stopped the overflow and the few
green branches/leaves seem to be hanging on. Do you think there is any
possibility to save this tree and is there anything I can do to help
it?  It is about 25' tall and maybe 35' across on the upper story with a

basal dia of 20 inches.  Any suggestions you may have would be greatly
appreciated and please e-mail me directly!  Thanks.

William Whatley
Walatowa Woodlands Initiative
Pueblo of Jemez, NM
quasho at

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