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> They probably don't have stockholders.
You're right, Mike. As private timber-owners, they don't have
stockholders, except themselves, of course.

I *think* they are mostly interested in not destroying the resource. The
big timber companies have already shown how to do that in the midwest,
especially in the Great Lakes area. It wasn't until the denuded
forestlands became more like the amber waves of flame that someone urged
the major timber companies to start replanting. Of course, that's didn't
work good.

So the people wrote their congressmen, who _made_ them replant. Then,
suddenly, it was every timber company's original idea. ;)

You'll forgive me if I don't wax eloquent about big timber.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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> >   "Mike H." <mhagen at olympus.net> wrote:
> > > You'd think there are times when a poor market is good for the woods but
> > > there's no direct relation.  From what I've seem, private and public
> > > forest managers react to a soft market in opposite ways. Politics aside,
> > > public managers put up sales which don't sell, reducing the overall
> > > cutting rate.  Private ones put up more sales, maintaining cash flow by
> > > increasing the low priced volume.  And they'll hunt down outside sources
> > > of timber (hey, look - fire prevention sales!) rather than log theirs.
> > >
> > > This is normal behavior.
> > >
> > I may be normal in your experience, but it sure isn't normal in my
> > experience. A lot of people here in Oregon hold on and sometimes even do
> > some pruning when prices get low. (Of course, all good forest managers
> > prune their trees, don't there? ;)
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