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Mon Aug 28 23:58:31 EST 2000

Two environmental activists who fought the logging of their land in southern
Mexico have been convicted on what appear to be completely bogus 
charges of growing marijuana and illegal weapons possession.

Rodolfo Montiel Flores and Teodoro Cabrera Garcia, who are considered Prisoners
of Conscience by Amnesty International, were sentenced Monday
to six and ten years in prison respectively.

The men were tortured by soldiers of the Mexican army, as was confirmed 
by a recent report by the Mexican Human Rights Commission, a 
governmental agency.

I encourage you to go to for more
information about the case.  Particulary insightful is an article from the
July/August issue of Sierra Magazine entitled "Defending the Forest and 
Other Crimes."

If you are particularly passionate about helping their cause, feel free to
contact the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, or myself.  thank you.
Josef Dahne
Corporate Ethics Resource Center
Boulder CO 
(303) 448-9868 

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