Lawsuit Filed to Protect Spotted Owl From Logging

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Subject: Lawsuit Filed to Protect Spotted Owl From Logging

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - August 30, 2000

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Spotted Owl From Logging

Ten Washington and Oregon environmental organizations last week filed a
major new lawsuit in federal court to protect the northern spotted owl.
Court papers name the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a defendant and
charged that the agency neglects its duties under the Endangered Species
Act.  The USFWS has for years authorized the US Forest Service and Bureau of
Land Management to "take" (e.g. harm, harrass or kill) owls without keeping
track of the number of owls taken or the effects on the owl population in
Pacific Northwest forests.  The USFWS also violates the ESA by authorizing
logging in forests designated as critical habitat for the owl's recovery.
The Plaintiffs will ask a federal judge to enjoin the USFWS from authorizing
logging within the range of the spotted owl until the agency adequately
analyzes impacts to the species.  In 1994 the Forest Service adopted the
Northwest Forest Plan which predicted that owl populations would continue to
decline by about 1% a year.  Recent studies by the agencies, however, show
that owl populations are declining between 4-8% a year.

. . . "This suit demonstrates what scientists already know.  Federal land
management agencies cannot continue to clearcut old-growth forests and meet
their legal mandate to protect the spotted owl at the same time, said James
Johnston, director of the Cascadia Wildlands Project in Eugene, Oregon.  "It
is long past time that we end old-growth logging on public lands."  For more
information please contact George Sexton, American Lands,
mailto:wafc at, 541/349-9660.

California Organizer Brian Vincent is facing a number of criminal charges,
including conspiracy and timber theft, for non- violent activities he
carried out to protest massive clearcutting by Sierra Pacific Industries.
If you'd like to ensure Brian gets adequate legal counsel, please consider
donating to his Legal Defense Fund.  Send checks to:  Klamath Forest
Alliance, Attn: Carol Wright, Brian Vincent Legal Defense Fund, PO Box 820,
Etna, CA 96027.

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians in Florida recently won an injunction preventing
the National Park Service from authorizing commercial airboat tours in Big
Cypress National Preserve until it complies with National Environmental
Policy Act procedures.  The Miccosukee live in the Florida Everglades and
have federally-recognized rights to customary use and occupancy of lands and
waters within the Big Cypress National Preserve.  According to Dexter
Lehtinen, lawyer for the tribe, "This is a victory, not only for the tribe,
but for Big Cypress against the very agency that Congress has charged to
protect it."  For more information:  Dexter Lehtinen, 305/279-3353.  For
information on the Big Cypress ORV Plan: 

and National Parks Conservation Association present:  "Necklace Or Noose?
Development at the doorsteps of America's Public Lands:  How Planning Can
Shape Better Future," a day-long conference September 29th at Yellowstone
National Park.  The full-day conference will explore the impacts of
unplanned growth on national parks.  For more information:  406/586-1593;
mailto:lgwin at 

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