84 Lumber To Ban Wood From Endangered Forests

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Subject: 84 Lumber To Ban Wood From Endangered Forests

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - August 31, 2000

84 Lumber To Ban Wood From Endangered Forests

On the eve of a national day of protest last week, 84 Lumber announced a new
policy to phase out sales of wood from endangered forests.  Over thirty
protest events were organized by a coalition of groups including Rainforest
Action Network, Student Environmental Action Caption, Free the Planet and
American Lands.  This announcement, which follows a similar move by Lowe's
earlier this month, makes 84 Lumber the seventh and of the top ten
Do-It-Yourself chains to commit to a phase-out of wood from endangered forests. 

. . ."84 Lumber's announcement is yet another signal that the logging of old
growth forests will soon be only an ugly memory of the past," said Mike
Brune of Rainforest Action Network.  "While forest protection advocates
welcome 84 Lumber's new policy, there is still concern that only one of the
four certification systems endorsed by 84 is accepted by environmental
activists: the Forest Stewardship Council.  The three other certification
systems do not set acceptable standards for forestry practices on the ground
and the FSC standards could be strengthened." For more information contact
Mike Brune or Jennifer Krill at mailto:jkrill at ran.org or 415/398-4404.

Alliance announces the Second Annual Sustainable Communities Symposium this
September 22-24th in Crested Butte, Colorado.  The symposium will focus on
sustainable building practices, offering in-depth information for specific
business sectors.  For more information:  970/349-7104, mailto:hcca at csn.net 

December 8-10 in North Carolina, will be the first time religious groups
have joined with forest conservation groups to discuss forest protection
strategies.  A brochure will be available in September, meanwhile, reserve
the date on your calendar.  For more information:

ORV'S HARM ATLANTIC SALMON:  A recent survey by the Maine Land Use
Regulation Commission shows that eroding stream banks and sediment from
snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle trails are harming Atlantic salmon in
several Maine rivers.  The report, which details ATV trails with silt
running into the rivers, found 62 sites of nonpoint pollution, many of which
are in prime Atlantic salmon spawning areas.  Atlantic salmon are proposed
for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act.  

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