BIOD: Certification Pays, Concept at Risk]

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Dec 9 07:48:59 EST 2000

Bob Weinberger wrote:

> While you may not agree with the standards that SFI uses, the system does
> provide for third party certification that they are meeting those standards,
> if the forest owner chooses to take that route.  In fact most of the larger
> companies have gone through or are going through third party certification
> of their SFI program by independant third parties.

And just how good is that third party certification?

My state of Mass. has gotten SFI "certification" for it's mgt. of state forest
land. Who is doing the third party certification for that?

My state is doing a piss poor job of managing the public's forest resource. I
consider this example a test of the legitimacy of SFI. If SFI really is
legitimate then they should throw my state DEM out of the SFI program.

And, if you really know anything about SFI third party certification, you will
proceed to tell me who to contact to bitch about SFI certification for my state
DEM. If you don't, then you don't know what you're talking about and you are
brainwashed by the party line. Just because they CLAIM to have third party
certification, doesn't make it the truth.

> Bob Weinberger
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