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>From The Oregonian, Dec. 13, 2000, p B6

Eugene man goes to prison for taking, selling beargrass

	EUGENE - A Eugene man involved in the theft and sale of about 110
tons of beargrass from national forest lands has been sentences to 30
months in prison.
	Thongkhanh Pahndanouvong, 36, pleaded guilty in June to laundering
some of the proceeds from selling the beargrass.
	A government investigation beginning in April 1999 found that cres
of migrant workers harvested beargrass for Phandanouvong from an
experimental forest in the Willamettte National Forest near Blue River.
The plants were loaded into vans and driven to Phandanouvong's warehouse
in Eugene, where the bargrass was processed for shipment. It was then
taken to buyers in Olympia and Tumwater, Wash.
	Beargrass is in high demand in the floral industry in Europe and
Southeast Asia. Harvesting beargrass from national forest land without a
permit is a federal offense.
	The government found that Pahndanouvong grossed $216,680 over a
four-month period from selling the beargrass. Of that amount, the
government said about $52,000 was laundered.

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