The SAF is the whore to the American logging industry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Dec 14 14:00:42 EST 2000

"Mike H." wrote:

> Jeez joe, why not let us know what you think?  Personally I agree that
> the SAF is and has always been a "tool" of industry. So is the AMA, the
> Bar Association and the VFW. While we're at it, I can include most
> state, federal and tribal forestry departments and, being generous, a
> certain age class of university forestry depts. and most timber town
> governments.  Actually the only non industry sponsored forestry
> enterprises I know of are one's that don't make any money - such as
> these newsgroups.
> And since you read the blather they send out I'm sure you've noticed all
> the references to "field foresters", the "dirt" and "mud" sub species,
> references to polite conversation, bad evil ranting, "holding the line",
> etc.  That's you they're talking about, Joe. I'd start watching out for
> hit men.

Well, if more people stood up and told the truth about them, they'd have to

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