Undersecretary asks for old-growth logging end

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> > Comment by poster: I can see why Lyons would want to leave public office
> > at this time. I also see a relationship to the announcement today that
> > "W" is the next president of the United States. Coincidence? Perhaps not.
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> Actually, Lyons has pissed off Congress so much that, they did not fund his
> position anymore. His track record appears to be so awful because of the
> gridlock within the Forest Service. It's a job that is nearly impossible to
> please the public, which is his actual employer, and Congress, which funds
> the USDA budget.
I agree with most of what you say, Larry. But ultimately it is Congress
which seems to have a lack of direction. That purposelessness was quickly
seen in the FS and the USDA. I don't see it getting any better now:
probably worse.
> Comment by poster: I'm out in the woods everyday and I don't agree with
> ending ALL old growth cutting. Personally, I think we can do a VERY LIGHT
> THINNING of CLUMPS of old growth trees while thinning the understory as
> well.
I theory, neither am I. But such thinning would be so much less than most
timber companies are interested in doing, that the public would end up
paying for it all. I doubt much commercial timber would be removed,
certainly not enough to pay for the thinning operation itself.
> I don't think this should be done until monopoly issues in the timber
> industry are dealt with. The American public needs to get the full value of
> those harvested old growth trees, when and if they do get harvested.
My disagreement here is that by using the term "harvest" you imply such
trees can be grown. Cultivation of old-growth trees has _never_ been *
proven*, even here in the PNW where trees grow rapidly. I have yet to see
a single tree which logger or private forester could point to and say in
honesty "I planted that tree in 1630 and have grown it ever since." I
don't think I'm likely to, either. <G>
> Unfortunately, the bidding on USFS sales is very flat and monopolies and
> "collusion" has been rumored to have occurred..
And the hostile take-over of Willamette by Weyerhaeuser may be simply
another attempt to cash in on an already strapped business. Or, it may be
a thoughtful attempt to cash in on recently passed Oregon's Measure 7,
which could repay property owners for the lack of harvesting on their
property due to sensitive species restrictions. BTW, that measure is now
being decided in the court system, which may rule the measure

Daniel B. Wheeler

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