The SAF is the whore to the American logging industry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Dec 18 16:42:07 EST 2000

"Mike H." wrote:

> Individually they're OK, for a bunch of fascists.   But why is it that
> whenever any high ups write a column, they sound like they're clicking
> their heels?

That's what bugs me. Of course I realize that many foresters in all levels
and places are good guys doing good work. But many are not and there's all
that vast amount of logging going on with no foresters at all- so reading
articles that sound like some kind of utopian vision of forestry really
aggravate me- I think they damage the profession- since to the enviros,
those articles look incredibly stupid, making us all look stupid. I feel
like some guy who has come back from a war reading some idiot's comments
about the glories of war- written by a guy who hasn't been there- like the
school teacher propagandist in All Quite on the Western Front. Well, it's
a poor analogy but you get the point. And that's why I rant at them- I
just can't bring myself to be polite to that kind of author. <G>

Joe  Zorzin, Ecoforester

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