Pitch, resins, francinsence and myrrh

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> >Some of the native trees whose aromas I am very fond of are:
> >Western juniper
> >Incense cedar
> >White fir
> >Grand fir
> >Subalpine fir
> >Shasta red fir
> >Noble fir
> >Sitka spruce
> >Western hemlock
> >Douglas fir
> >Ponderosa pine
> >Lodgepole pine
> >Knobcone pine
> >
> >What are yours?
> What!? You didn't include yellow cedar on your list of favourites? ;-)
Alaska Yellow cedar is very rare in my area: I know of only a handful of
trees, and certainly would not consider gathering boughs or foliage from

However, I should have included Western Redcedar in the list. <hanging
head shamefully>

Daniel B. Wheeler

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