The SAF is the whore to the American logging industry

Mike H. mhagen at
Thu Dec 21 12:29:21 EST 2000

You bet, Larry. After ten years as a mole in the SUF I have this to
The motto of the liberal "Tie Dyed" arm of the SUF could be "Do what I
say, not what I did". As in the real world, they're opposed by their
former associates, the right wing "Wood Butcher" faction.  The only
characteristic distinguishing the two are the WB's ability to wear a
necktie without squinting.
The number of both factions who remain members of the SAF at the poverty
membership rate is a deep secret. Deprived of the morning coffee klatch
at work, the SAF provides SUF members with important news, such as
memoriums of old college profs and promotions of the brown nosers left
behind in corporate forestry. For all other professional association,
SUF members find the Usenet to be just about the right bang for the buck

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