Literature on northern boreal forestry

Adrian Tanner atanner at
Thu Dec 21 14:12:46 EST 2000

Does anyone have any suggestions for readings on the northern limits of
sustainable forestry? I am particularly interested in regions of
predominantly spruce, where sphagnum moss often grows between the trees (at
least before the trees are mature). One thing I am interested in is the
impact of modern harvesting machinery in this kind of environment, as well
as the effectiveness of scarification / drainage, and the kind of re-growth
that occurs in these regions, with and without sylviculture.

I am thinking about regions like Alaska and the northern parts of the
Canadian provinces. Although I have spent time in these kind of regions, but
I am new to the technical forestry literature on these matters.

Thanks for any suggestions. You can post to the list, or e-mail me at
atanner at

Adrian Tanner

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