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> The time to eliminate the Electoral College may well be now. When 200,000
> votes nationwide are ignored, the value of the vote is questioned.

I always find the ignorance of statements like that humorous.  After all, 
if you want to eliminate the Electoral College, all you have to do is get 
2/3 of all senators and representatives to vote for it and 3/4 of all 
states to ratify it.  Since Gore only carried 15 states and Bush carried 
35, the sentiment seems to be running the other way.  That's a 70% 
against the amendment right there. 
> Using the law to win? Is that the _only_ thing you think matters!?! As
> Ron Regan, son of former president Ronald Regan, stated: "He's probably
> the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major party...What
> is his accomplishment? That he's no longer an obnoxious drunk?"

> How can any American condone a candidate who skipped an entire year of
> his Air Force service: a year which _STILL_ has not been accounted for.
> He didn't even appear for his yearly physical. Anyone else who served in
> the armed services would have been considered AWOL.

Rural America had no choice in the matter.  The Clinton legacy is a long 
string of intolerable betrayals of rural America, promising tourism jobs 
to replace timber and agriculture jobs and then closing access to vast 
tracts of land so that tourists won't come.  Then there is the gun 
control insanity.  You will notice that Massachusetts had a massacre 
yesterday, in the state where private gun ownership is difficult and 
handgun ownership is almost impossible.

There was every prospect of Gore continuing the same arrogant, absentee 
landlord policies.  That is the reason Gore couldn't buy a vote in any 
county that wasn't 90% pavement.
> This tall heap of mushroom substrate president? Perhaps "first in law,
> first in funding, last in the hearts of his countrymen" would be a more
> concise assessment.

On the other side, if Al Gore had managed to carry his home state of 
Tennesee, he would be president-elect right now.  Perhaps you should 
trust the judgement of the people who know him best.

> BTW, I didn't think highly of either Gore or Nader either. But there was
> little choice in voting for the millionaire of your choice this past
> election.

Whoever won, the gummint isn't likely to do anything until the midterm 
elections in 2 years, and maybe not after that.  At least Bush will stop 
the Clinton snow job and maybe reverse some of it.  It's too bad about 
the Right to Life issue, but if women want their rights respected they 
should learn to respect the rights of others.

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