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> > Larry Caldwell wrote:
> > > Then there is the gun
> > > control insanity.  You will notice that Massachusetts had a massacre
> > > yesterday, in the state where private gun ownership is difficult and
> > > handgun ownership is almost impossible.
> > Yet the suspect had a handgun.  None of his guns was legally owned, according to
> > the Boston Globe.
> > http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/362/metro/Slaughter_at_the_office+.shtml
> You got it in one.  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
> Fortunately, Clinton is gone, Gore is just a historical footnote, and
> Bush won't cave to idiot urban pressure groups.
I'm just guessing here, Larry, because as we all know, Bush hasn't taken
office yet. But from what I have heard he knows absolutely nothing about
forestry. I have yet to find any redeeming social value to Cheney as
well, since apparently the only reason he was nominated to VP was his
endowment to the Bush campaign fund and funding Shrub the Younger's
financial empire.

If he had done his financial empire himself, I would have much more
respect for him. But someone who still has not accounted for a year where
he was _alledgedly_ serving the United States Air Force is unacceptable.
It has nothing to do with Gore or and other candidate.

Be careful what you wish for: you may get it. People who voted for Bush
may rue that decision. Certainly his stance on not allowing breaching of
the 3 Snake River dams under any conditions seems more pendantic than
thoughtful. If that is his method of reaching out to the people who
didn't vote for him, he has _a lot_ of reaching to do!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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