OT: Nostradamus on Bush

charliew charliew at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 28 18:11:01 EST 2000

David Ball <wraith7 at mb.sympatico.ca> wrote in message
> In Canada, there are 300 gun related deaths - that's not just
> homicides - per year. In the US, 16,000 homicides alone (using your
> own figures). See a problem? Most of the industrialized world does.
> Are American's so grossly ignorant that they can't? I don't think they
> are. Do the math.

As previous posters have pointed out, you need to look at the total homicide
rate rather than just the homicide rate caused by firearms.  Or do you
actually believe that someone who is burned to death, or killed by an auto,
or clubbed/beaten to death, is somehow less dead than someone who is killed
with a firearm?

Thus, to answer your question of "See a problem?", yes I do.  Your
statistics smack of selectively presenting the "facts" that you think you
will need to convince people to voluntarily disarm.  At least for me, your
tactic is too transparent to work.

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