OT: Nostradamus on Bush (rural US,etc.)

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> While it is true that few people make their living from the land any
> more, a substantially larger number derive a part of their income there.
> My largest retirement asset is 93 acres of timber.  Of course, the way
> things are going if I let it grow next to the creek I would be stuck with
> it, so I plow that part of my property and grow timber on the hills.  The
> best way to deal with riparian zones is the urban model - just don't have
> one.

That is a real pitty since the riparian zone is the best place to grow trees
to protect water quality. Are you aware that there is an automatic CRP
rental program that will pay your rent for 15 years to grow trees in the
riparion area? (I am assuming you are in the US.)
> Right on.  Rural America removed the Democrats from power, so maybe they
> will learn a lesson.  Meanwhile, rural people will get a chance to work
> on their problems without Fiats from Washington assassinating their
> efforts every time they turn around.
While I am generally supportive of the Republican perspective I would not
bet on that - they are all still politicians.
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