Low-Grade Markets, Oil Subsidies

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Tue Feb 1 21:31:39 EST 2000

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> When I was scouting around for co-gen operations in the early '80s, you
> needed several things to have a successful  co-gen operation.  For each Meg
> of generation, about 10,000 tons of wood waste is needed.  There must be a
> use for low pressure trash steam.  This can be process steam for food
> plants, or heat for large buildings (a hospital was considering it).  The
> real kicker is that you need a really good electric contract price.  We were
> using a 6.6 cent/kwh and wood waste at $12/ton to make the project viable.
> It ended up being a 25 Meg plant, and I found wood waste available to site
> several more.

The Roseburg Forest Products mill in Dillard uses waste heat to run 
kilns, chip dryers, OSB and chipboard presses and such.  You are right 
about waste steam utilization.  That is what killed steam generation 
facilities everywhere except nuclear.  It just wastes too much energy to 
run the steam through a cooling tower to recover the water just to boil 
it again.

However, if you have to run a steam kiln anyway, making electricity along 
the way makes a lot of sense.

-- Larry

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