Harvesting process and stripper design

Thom Bradley Thombrad at visi.net
Fri Feb 4 14:49:38 EST 2000

Quit cross posting this to alt.agriculture.beekeeping .

We don't use tractors to harvest.

Thom's Honeybees

David wrote:
> I think the whole stripper header development in UK, involving Shelbourne
> Renolds was a fiasco.  They were determined to retain the combine, and stick
> it on the front.  I always thought that it should have been a simple
> machine, trailed by a tractor, like a forager,  blowing the stripped
> material into a trailer.  Then the drum and cleaner etc. could  have been
> fitted into the grainstore / dryer building, where the guts of an old
> combine could probably have been utilised.  As well as the grain, the dry
> flag leaf is also stripped, and this represents most of the feed value of
> the straw, and this can be separated.  Of course barn equipment will
> depreciate a lot slower that mobile plant.  I don't know who you are, or
> what your legal position with previous developers of the system is, but I
> for one will watch with interest!
> Best Regards David.
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