Grape Vine market?

Peter Quigg Pquigg at
Sat Feb 5 21:07:08 EST 2000

     My County Forestor in northeastern Pennsylvania has suggested I cut the
wild grape vines out of my maple, ash, and cherry trees on some land I
recently bought and am considering logging.  According to a friend of mine
who once worked for a national company supplying Kmarts, and Walmarts, etc.
with their garden center plants these types of vines are the ones used for
making wreaths and other crafty things.  He said there would not be a
wholesale market for the vines, but that I'd be better off making wreaths
myself and selling them.

    I recently visited a Joanne Fabric Store and they had wreaths for sale
that were made in Taiwan, and Texarkanna, which is where, in Texas?
So my question; does anyone know of a wholesale market in the northeast for
wild grape vines from six inches in diameter to twigs?  I hate to leave them
to rot if I can do something constructive with them.

Thanks, Peter Quigg

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