Vaccinium crassifolium - question.

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<< Subject: Vaccinium crassifolium - question.
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Date: Sat, Feb 5, 2000 11:36 PM
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I am thinking of trying a large planting of Vaccinium crassifolium in a
harsh Zone 5 situation (NY state). The provenance is supposedly from the
colder portion of this southern species' range. Anyone with any ideas or
especially any first hand experience with the cold hardiness of the
species??? I've run the gamut of paper- and web-based references.

Thanks in advance!!! >>
Try alta vista search engines at
Use Vaccinium crassifolium(aka-Creeping Blueberry) IN THE META SavvySEARCH BOX
There are lots of sites-some that sell and those with info on growth
conditions.  It likes acid soil pH 4.5-6.0, full sun, and should grow in zones
The Waddell School reference in Manchester, Ct hopes they have a cold resisant
variety.  The normal range is from N.C. to Ga..
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