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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Report Shows Clinton Administration Failing  Endangered Species

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - February 8, 2000

Report Shows Clinton Administration Failing Endangered Species

Last week a nationwide coalition of conservation, fishing, and religious
organizations released a new study entitled "Broken Promises of Recovery:
the Clinton Administration's 10-Prong Attack on Endangered Species."
Written by Daniel Hall of American Lands, the report shows that the Clinton
Administration's failure to implement the ESA is putting species at risk of

. . . "The Administration is sacrificing endangered species by creating
entirely new ESA programs that put business before biology," stated Brian
Vincent of American Lands.  The report indicates that the Administration has
been refusing to identify and "list" imperiled species as Threatened or
Endangered and allowing developers, timber companies, the Forest Service,
and other federal agencies to continue destroying wildlife habitat, among
other measures.  The report is available on-line at

Chilean Forests Web Site:  A new web site, "A Celebration of the Chilean
Forests of the Lake Region," combines beautiful pictures of Chilean forests
with poetry written by Chile's world-renowned poet, Pablo Neruda.  According
to Neruda, "Anyone who hasn't been in the Chilean forest doesn't know this
planet."  Visit the site at:

Comments Needed on Medicine Bow National Forest Revisions: The Forest
Service is revising the long- range management plan for the Medicine Bow
National Forest.  Written comments are being accepted until March 1st.  More
information is available on the web at or contact Biodiversity
Associates at (307) 742-7978, mailto:biodiversity at 

Research Backs Stand On Chip Mills:  A recent study conducted by scientists
from Duke University and the state of North Carolina found that state
hardwood forests could be threatened by an increase in wood-chip mills.  The
study estimated that by the year 2008 the number of trees being cut would
surpass growth of new hardwoods.  "It's a relief to know that what we've
been seeing and what we've been saying is supported by scientific study,"
responded Meredith McLeod a spokeswoman from Hickory Alliance, a group made
up of about 150 families in Stokes, Guilford and Forsyth counties.  For more
information contact the Dogwood Alliance (828) 883-5889.

NRDC Roadless Report Released: A new report has been released by the Natural
Resources Defense Council detailing the scientific basis for roadless area
conservation.  "End of the Road: The Adverse Ecological Impacts of Roads and
Logging" is a compilation of much of the best available, research-based and
independently peer- reviewed relevant science.  The report is available
on-line at

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