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Tue Feb 8 19:06:35 EST 2000

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>International 1/4 Scale is a USDA formula based scale which allows for
>1/4 inch kerf and is a pretty close approximation of the actual yield of
>a tree's cone.  There is very little overrun, unlike Scribner or Doyle
>which were diagram based scales.  The Forest Service used to use it
>internally, along with customary local scales. Oddly, it has since
>switched to weight on its prospectus's) because of lawsuits over the
>supposedly warranted timber quality implied by using traditional log
>scales and grades.  You can thank lawyers for that one.

Umm, any particular reason why we shouldn't be thanking the timbersale
purchasers or the scalers who were paying/being paid off respectively
at considerable cost to the taxpayer?

Just wondering.

 - Doug Bartley
Hamamatsu, Japan

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